SAP SD – Sales and Distribution

SAP Sales and Distribution or SAP SD includes the following topics:

Section 1: Introduction to SAP R/3 and Overview of Sales & Distribution

Section 2: Enterprise Structure



Section 3: Master Data

Customer Master Data

Customer Account Groups (Screen Layout/Field Selection)

Creating Number Ranges and Assignment

Partner Determination

Customer master Data

Material Master Data

Screen sequence and Field selection

Industry sector and Material Types

Product hierarchy

Handling Unit Management (Material Group, Item Category Group and Allowed Packaging Materials)

Material Master Data (Trading goods, Raw Material, Returnable Packaging, Finished and Semi-Finished Goods)

Customer Material Info Record

Pricing Procedure (Configuration)

Conditions: Allowed Fields

Condition Tables

Access Sequences

Condition Types

Pricing Procedure (Customer Pricing Procedure / Document Pricing Procedure)

Conditions Master Record (Easy Access)

Pricing Determination

Price, Discounts, Taxes, Surcharges, Freight, Rebate

Condition Exclusion groups for Pricing

Condition Supplement 

Section 4: Sales Documents

Sales Document Header (Sales Document Types)

Sales Document Item (Item Categories)

Item Category Determination

Schedule Lines (Schedule Line Categories)

Assign Schedule Line Categories

Section 5: Billing

Billing Documents (Billing Types)

Section 6: Logistics Execution

Deliveries (Delivery Types)

Delivery Item Categories

Delivery Item Category Determination

Basic Shipping Functions

Shipping Conditions, Picking and Packing

Route Determination

Shipping Point Determination

Picking Location Determination

Section 7: Materials Management Processes

Purchase Orders

Batch Management

Post Goods Receipt

Materials Document (TC: MB51)

Movement Types

Stock Overview (TC: MMBE)

Stock/Requirements List (TC: MD04)

Availability Overview (TC: CO09)

Section 8: Stock Overview 

Section 9: Account Assignment/Costing

Revenue Account Determination (Finance Integration) 

Section 10: Copy Controls

Sales to Sales

Sales to Delivery

Sales to Billing

Billing to Sales

Availability Check and Transfer of requirements

Quantity Contracts

Contract Configuration Settings

Value Contract – Assortment Module

Service and Maintenance Contract Process

Contracts, Inquiry, Quotation, Sales Order

Forward Sales Cycle

Document Flow

Release Billing Documents for Accounting

Reversal Sales Cycle

Collective Processing of Documents Due for Delivery (Sales Order Items)

Outbound Delivery Monitor

Process Billing Due List


Delivery without Order

Proforma Invoice from Order

Proforma Invoice from Delivery

Returns Sales Order

Credit Memo Request

Debit Memo Request

Cash Sales

Rush Orders

Invoice Correction Process

Section 11: Basic Functions

Section 12: Contracts and Special Processes

Section 13: Sales Business Processes

Section 14: Special Sales Document Types 

Section 15: Billing Plan

Periodic Billing e.g. Rent/Services

Milestones Billing

The Consignment Fill-Up

The Consignment Issue

The Consignment Returns

The Consignment Pick-Up

Section 16: Customer Consignment Stock 

Section 17: Basic Functions

Incompletion Procedure

Item Proposal (Product Proposal)

Material Determination


Cross Selling

Free Goods

Output Determination

Configuring Pricing Reports

Order Blocks, Credit Blocks, Delivery Blocks & Billing Blocks

Section 18: Text Determination

Section 19: Bill of Material

Section 20: Credit Management

Section 21: Stock Transfer

Section 22: Rebate Agreement

Section 23: Data Dictionary

Section 24: Reporting

Section 25: Data Migration through LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench)