SAP S/4HANA Finance vs FICO

The course will prepare the students to learn the changes in the configuration and end-user processes which SAP S/4HANA Finance brought as compared to the traditional SAP ECC FICO.

The course will teach the students about new integration of FI and CO, Business Partner concept, new Asset Accounting, Ledger  concept with Accounting principles and deleted or obsolete transactions with the new ones.

After taking this course, the students will be able to pass the certification exam, job interviews and work into SAP S/4HANA Finance projects with their existing SAP FICO knowledge and skills.

Section 1SAP S/4HANA Finance and SAP FIORI
Lecture 1Overview of the Course
Lecture 2Introduction to SAP S/4HANA Finance
Lecture 3Introduction to SAP FIORI
Section 2Copy Company Code Extended Functionality
Lecture 4Copy Company Code Extended Functionality
Section 3Integration of FI and CO – General Ledger & Cost Element Master Data
Lecture 5General Ledger and Cost Elements
Lecture 6Default Account Assignment for Cost Center
Lecture 7Transaction Codes for Primary and Secondary Cost Elements
Lecture 8Cost Element Group
Lecture 9Creation of GL Master in SAP FIORI
Section 4Integration of CO and FI
Lecture 10Reconciliation Ledger
Lecture 11Posting CO Documents to FI
Lecture 12Intercompany Clearing Account
Section 5Business Partner, Customer and Vendor Master
Lecture 13Obsolete Transactions to create Customer and Vendor
Lecture 14Business Partner Master Data (End User)
Lecture 15Customer Master Data (End User)
Lecture 16Vendor Master Data (End User)
Lecture 17Business Partner and Customer/Vendor Master (Configuration & End User)
Lecture 18One-time Customer/Vendor and BP Master (Configuration & End User)
Lecture 19Creation of Customer or Vendor Directly
Lecture 20Tables for BP, Customer and Vendor
Section 6SAP HANA Database Native Capabilities in SAP S/4HANA Finance
Lecture 21SAP HANA Native Capabilities in SAP S/4HANA Finance
Lecture 22OLTP and OLAP in SAP S/4HANA
Lecture 23Simplification and Compatibility Views
Lecture 24Universal Journal – ACDOCA
Section 7Ledger Configuration with Accounting Principles
Lecture 25Currency Settings for Company Code
Lecture 26Ledger Configuration with Accounting Principles
Lecture 27Non-Leading Configuration with Accounting Principles
Lecture 28Appendix Ledger Configuration with Accounting Principles
Lecture 29Benefits of Ledger Approach
Lecture 30Define Ledger for Version 0 in Controlling
Lecture 31Default Ledger Group for CO postings
Section 8New Asset Accounting in SAP S/4HANA Finance
Lecture 32Introduction to New Asset Accounting
Lecture 33Activate New Asset Accounting
Lecture 34Accounting Principles assigned to Depreciation areas
Lecture 35Depreciation areas post immediately to G/L
Lecture 36Transfer of APC Values
Lecture 37Transfer of Depreciation Terms
Lecture 38Assignment of Chart of Depreciation to the Company code
Lecture 39Technical Clearing Account for Integrated Asset Acquisition (Configuration)
Lecture 40Asset Acquisition posting with Technical Clearing Account (End User)
Lecture 41Depreciation area updated view in Asset Explorer
Lecture 42Deleted Transactions in Asset Accounting
Lecture 43Depreciation Posting Run Screen
Lecture 44Loading Asset data through ABLDT
Lecture 45Architectural changes in Asset Accounting tables
Section 9SAP FIORI Bank Master Data & Cash Management
Lecture 46SAP FIORI Bank Master Data Creation
Lecture 47SAP FIORI Cash Management (Cash Position and Liquidity Forecast)
Section 10Period-End Closing
Lecture 48Period-End Closing Changes
Section 11Cost Center Planning & Period-End, GL Planning and SAP Business Client
Lecture 49CO Planning and Period-End Transaction codes change
Lecture 50GL Planning Change
Lecture 51SAP Business Client
Section 12Summary of the Course
Lecture 52Summary of the Course
Section 13Bonus Lecture – Additional Information
Lecture 53Bonus Lecture