SAP Careers are diversified into many paths.  This includes the role of SAP Consultant/Analyst, SAP Business Analyst and SAP End-User. SAP Career as a Consultant can either be Technical or Functional Consultant. The Technical Consultant is a Programmer of SAP system who has got previous knowledge or experience in computer languages such as COBOL, Java or Pascal. The Functional Consultant is responsible to customize and configure the SAP system according to the Client’s requirements. As there are different SAP modules, so a functional consultant can either be the expert of one or many modules.

The training provides you the opportunity to chose any SAP Career of your choice. You can apply for jobs as a fresh SAP Certified Consultant or End User after the completion of training and passing the Certificate.

Here is a list of some Companies which perform their day to day business on SAP system and this is ideal that you can apply for SAP roles in these Companies after the completion of training:

You can also apply for SAP roles through Recruitment Agencies as they have direct communication with the Companies. The following list is for some popular Recruitment Agencies which assist people in the placement for SAP jobs all over the  world: